I’m not entirely sure but I think I have fans. I had been called over to the camp of the twisted claw where Thorin Grimm was discussing how one never knows when the simpelist of interactions can turn into some amazing memory for someone. No sooner had I rowed away than a father and daughter popped out from behind a tree at me.
“Ah ha! We found you!”
“yes, yes you did”
“you look much less like a drowned rat today then when last we saw you!”
“ahh yes well clerarer skies and all…”
“much better than port Washington”
“ahhhhhh yes port Washington”
“remember, you lead us in our own parade”
“ohhhhh of course! Now I remember! Huzzah and welcome to Bristol”

From this point we chatted about a number of things and I reccomended shows to see.

It felt really good to find out these people had made it a point to seek me out while at Bristol. So an extra special thanks to David and rai.


“I have a lucky rock!!!”

Today was probably one of my best days as Hawser at Bristol yet. I had a lot more street time today due to some unfortunate circumstances with jyncks having hurt his back. During my extended street time I spent a LOT of time rowing. I convinced a number of people to row, including a fun little boy who will be mentioned in another post.

As I was heading down to the 3 sheets stage to catch Rambling Sailors I ran into Jane the Phoole and Faso Latido heading in the opposite direction. Before I knew it Jane and Faso had boarded my ship and I rowed them to Guildhall row. Faso ran the tiller and Jane called out to all passersby.

Upon my return trip to 3 sheets I happened across a family who’s oldest daughter, Lilly who seemed about 5 , was enthralled by my rowing. I naturally stopped to talk to them. We spoke of many things such as elephants, butterflys, ships, and little brothers. I handed out mini-messages in a bottle to all 4 kids and Lilly seemed quite pleased with her gift. Then all of a sudden she looked down to the ground, grabbed a piece of gravel and held it up to me. “This is a lucky rock! I want you to have it!” she then gingerly placed it upon my elbow. I nearly lost it, her parents both were cracking up but trying hard not to make her feel awkward about her gift. I carefully reached up and removed my new rock and thanked her with a big smile. I then informed her that I was placing it in my treasure chest where it would be safe, and that I would keep it always.

Kids can be so sweet.