Still dark…

Still no power. All my UPS’s gave up for the home servers. Will be interesting to see what comes back up…
I spoke to the mayor and it seems the substation was hit by lightning. ComEd has no ETA as to how long before power will be restored.

Dark the night…

So I find some hilarity in the fact that I’m sitting here in a power outage blogging on the ipod. Currently our home is brightly lit, warm and friendly. My neighbors are outside fighting with a crabby generator while my mother sits reading a book in relative comfort. What technology does the Wohlers home posses to facilitate this?
Some odd solar powered backup battery?
Fuel cells?
Cold fusion?
Naquida generator? (yes that’s SG1 geekdom)

Wrong on all counts!

Try oil lamps.

My grandmother would be very proud of me at the moment. She always insisted on making sure the lamps were full for just such an ocassion. I have continued this practice. Twice in the past 4 months I have lit the lamps for extended power outages. I have to say the place looks rather comfy from the outside.
I managed to get a good shot on the porch before the utility trucks showed up and turned their headlights this way, and the neighbor got his generator going ruining my nice peaceful dark night. Oh well…

My house, lit by oil lamps
My house, lit by oil lamps
The neighbor's house after he gave up on his generator
The neighbor's house after he gave up on his generator

I wouldn’t object to a fan about now though.
Ooops there goes the generator again… Sputter cough pop… Silence…

It’s rather comical standing on the porch in darkness listening to the neighbors speculate on what kind of generator we are using. I have such a reputation for technology it’s apparently impossible for them to believe I would be using such “low tech”.