Singing on the road

Wow, we have been singing all the way from Amsterdam to our next host. People took turns leading and everyone else jumped in as they could.
I even got up enough courage to lead a couple. I did ambletown and after the first verse Bounding Main chimed in with a beautiful harmony. David taped it… I’m admitedly scared to see that tape…


2 thoughts on “Singing on the road

  1. Hello my son in Germany, I had a Planning and Zoning Meeting. I’m very upset that I missed your call. I love you,

  2. SO PROUD! Am avidly following your adventures, and wishing I were there. I love There. Germany, that is. Europe in general, but I have a special love for visiting Germany, despite my, um, genetics, and my cultural stereotypes. And I LOOOOVE the Netherlands, especially Amsterdam. Please say hello to the Leidseplein for me (The Square of Fools)! I miss it, and I miss the Vondelpark.

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