I dont have a lot of time this morning, but I jsut want to post a quick note saying just how very proud I am of my friends in Bounding Main.   This trip has been incredible in so many ways, and to see them  over come language barriers, and stereotypes, to make new friends, and to show peoepl that the US is not full of a bunch of self absorbed jerks makes me so very proud to know tham, and so happy to have had tyhe opportunity to share in the experience.

That is all, I’m now late for our appouinted leave time… oops…


Day 9

It seems impossible that this is already day 9 of the trip. It has gone by so very fast. I cannot even begin to say how much I have enjoyed this trip. The group has been a lot of fun the entire trip. I find myself constantly amazed by the outpouring of kindness shown to the group. I’m sitting here writing this in the home of the Keeter family who, until they saw the poster for the show being held tonight, had never heard of bounding main. Once they did they arranged for all off us to stay with them in their enormous home, set up an interview on the AFN, personally escorted us all over the area, and fed us till we were ready to burst.

Yesterday during the hospital visit I saw things that maked me so sad. I wanted to cry so many times. God i hate the fact that these men and women have to endure the things they are enduring. These soldiers make such sacrifices for us, and to hear them tell tales of being mistreated by the folks back home just made my heart shatter. Being jeered at, and spat upon after putting onesself in harms way to try to protect the rights of those very same people is horrific. To those that would, even for an instant, consider such an act, I am ashamed of you, and suggest you never show you face in my presence lest I rearange it.