As I was wandering around with everyone Sunday, I got a chance to actually set foot into a few of the shops.   I really haven’t done ANY shopping this year at all.  One of the shops we entered was being run by two very fun young ladies.  The one was wearing an extremely large fake mustache, and hat.  As the three of us got to talking one of the two noticed I was carrying a paddle.  She then pointed out this fact to the other, who noticed I had two.  I then showed off the “oars” and the puns I have embedded on them.  This got a laugh, then they came running out from behind the counter to row and share a bad joke with me.  We all laughed, then something really cool happened.  One then asked, “Hey did you get the idea from… wait a minute are you the guy “OTB” talked about on his end of the year wrap up last year? ”   I blushed…   “Uh… Guilty as charged” “OH MY GOD!!! THIS IS SO COOL!!! WE HAVE THE ROWING GUY IN OUR SHOP!!!”  I presented them with their own messages in a bottle, and they were ecstatic, and proceeded to read them in pirate voices to each other.   As I left they begged me to come back next weekend and row for them.

So I’m some sort of a celebrity?  Wow, thanks OTB! Who knew?