Hangin with Mr Hawser

Sunday I had the extreme pleasure of getting to spend time with ian, tj, and gerard. It’s been far to long since the four of us got to pirate together. It was quite a fun time. You would have thought the crowds had never seen pirates before. We were constantly stopped for pictures. Bristol should really consider a pirate troupe, as I’m pretty sure it would go over well.
Anyway, at one point while we were walking Ian engaged a small child who was struggeling to master his wooden sword. As that interaction began the oldest kid in the group decided he should be the center of attention. “I’m going to punch you” Ian and I shot each other an “oh joy” glance. Ian condemmed the idea and I waggled my oar at the kid. With thisthe kid lunged and grabbed onto the oar. My grip righted, the parents scolded the kid, and he began tugging at the oar. I refused to release and tightened my grip even more. At this the kid, still holding tight yanked his legs off the ground putting his full weight onto the oar. I was ready for it, and held fast, thankly this kid did not weigh to much as I was able to hold his full weight in the one arm. At this the parents were both dumbfounded and quite irritated with their kid. I, not giving in to the now wiggiling stubborn child turned the behavior into a game i raised the arm up and started swinging the oar like a pendulum. Someone commented, “it’s like a swing.”. At this the appalled father ordered the kid off the oar and appologized. The kid lept back on immediatly and repeated the swinging, to the parents dismay and repeat scolding. At the second scolding he stopped and stormed off behind the group.
Moving the benches for the revel sure helps. 😉