Hey, wait I know you!

Towards the end of the day yesterday, T.J. , Ian and I were milling about near the gate. We were finishing up another photo when this woman glances over and shouts, “Hey wait I recognize you!” “Me?” “Absolutly! You were at the Kenosha days last year!” “Aye that I was” “You and your buddy were so much fun!” “Well thankee mam, ya know i have something here I’d like to give you. I then presented her with a message in a bottle. She became quite excited, thanked me and then informed me that she was going to put it in her scrap book. “Awww thankee” “Oh you should see your page!” *BLINK* “My page?” She then proceeded to explain all about the page with the picture she took last year with us and how it’s center on the page with a couple other pictures from the Kenosha Days of Discovery. She continued by telling of how she took pictures of her and her husband and cut their heads out and put them on pirate bodies on the page and decorated the page with other nautical things. She was truly excited to share the description of her creation with me. “It sounds like a right proper work of art it does! I’m truly honored!” At this she instructed her husband to get a picture with the two of us and then afterward, with a hug and kiss, she moved on husband in tow.
I’m guessing the buddy had to be Al. So Al and I are in someone’s scrap book. How cool is that? If I ever become desensitized to how truly amazing all of this is, someone slap me please.


2 thoughts on “Hey, wait I know you!

  1. Hey I’m famous!

    You know how you always have those 20/20 hindsight experiences? Shoulda brought her over to the ship. I would have changed back into my good doublet for that picture.

    Cool she remembered us, though. That Days of Discovery was a lot of fun. I hope we get to do it again.

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