Peter Pan and the Pirate

As I was rowing along Sunday after parade I came across a little boy in his stroller. He saw me, his eyes met mine, and he drew his foam sword and began to wave it at me.    I then countered with my oar, and we battled it out.   His excitement got the best of him and he started talking to me.  He was a fairly young kid and so the conversation was pretty random initially, but then he stated. “I’m Peter”. “Well then peter, its a pleasure to meet ya”  “No, I’m Peter PAN!!!” <GASP>   “Peter pan! Oh dear”, looking around nervously, “I’ve heard all about you!”, at this the little boy started that I was Captain hook, and he was going to get me! “Oh, but you see Pan, I can’t be hook, I still have both hands!” Not to be thwarted by that,  “Ok, then you are Mr Smee!” “Well so Smee it is then, I like being Mr Smee” at that he grinned and waved his sword again, and we clashed a little more before his mother told him he needed to let the pirate go on about his business.  She smiled at me, and thanked me. I thanked ‘Peter’, gave him a message in a bottle, and off they went.  They headed towards the fairy glen, and I really wish I had thought to tell him to keep his eye out for Tinkerbell in there.

Note to self, read more on peter pan, and watch the disney version…


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