Pirate Fun

We pirates four
We pirates four

This Sunday around 2 pm I was able to meet up with some of my friends I have made through the Port Washington Pirate Festival, Ian, T.J., and Bilgemunky. It’s been far to long since we last had a chance to wander about and cause trouble. It was actually T.J.’s first time at Bristol and he debuted his new character, “Captain Joseph “Bloodbath” Copper”, which seems to be a hit. The four of us spent most of the rest of the day wandering around together, with me disappearing for about an hour or so to go sing in FOF.

One thing that struck me, as well as the others, was how much we were photographed. I get quite a few pictures taken of me on any given weekend ( it’s the oars), but these five hours were quite impressive. It seemed like every time we moved more than ten feet there was an onslaught of requests for pictures. I also noticed a large amount of “drive-bys” of people too shy to ask us to stop, but snapping away anyway.

At times it made it hard to have any conversations of our own, but to me, it was worth it. Sundays may technically be my day off, but as big as the crowd was this Sunday it seemed to me that Bristol needed everyone it could get. Besides, I have a lot of fun playing with people and I’m not about to reign it in when there are people actually wanting to play.

I did notice that the, more flirty, slightly less kid friendly Hawser came out to play more often. It’s much easier for that to happen in a whole group of pirates than it is for me to do so, one on one. Although, honestly, it was simple enough to dial it back again around the kids that approached.

Again, I just can’t say how much fun it was hanging out with the “crew” again, and just wandering.