Open mic, and call for booking info

tonight was another nice night at the pub. It was looking like it would be a no show but at the last minute a phone call changed it all and it ended up being a great night. I struck up a conversation with “Gordon” at the end of the bar only to discover that he is from Scottland. I mentioned my music tastes tend to lean towards irish & Scottish folk as well as Sea shanties. At that he challanged me to prove it by singing him the “wild rover”. So I did. As I got throught the first verse he laughed and joined in. After we finished that he started naming things at random and I’m proud to say he didn’t stump me once. (well I knew choruses to everything) We talked off and on all night and might haveJon the manager convinced to organize a folk music night! Jon would also like me to pass along the names and contact info for the folk bands I know. So… Seelie Court, Bounding Main, Jessie, Oghm, Etc… Get me your contact info for booking if you are interested.


2 thoughts on “Open mic, and call for booking info

  1. John, thanks for spearheading what could be a fun project. I am Bounding Main’s contact point; please pass along

    Where is this place? Would it be a weekend or week night? (I’m assuming since it is a pub it would be a “free” gig.) Any idea of a date?

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