2 hours until Talk Like a Pirate Day! My co-workers are probably dreading this day… 🙂 I only wish there was some event in the area tomorrow night… Oh well… I’ll live 🙂
Anyone wishing to give a Talk Like a pirate day gift to a certain pirate there are a few things on my Amazon wish list that seem appropriate. 🙂

  • [avhamazon wishlist=”3QY071MBED1ET” asin=”B0001DI0FI” linktype=”text” locale=”US”]
  • [avhamazon wishlist=”3QY071MBED1ET” asin=”1931013098″ linktype=”text” locale=”US”]
  • [avhamazon wishlist=”3QY071MBED1ET” asin=”0913372706″ linktype=”text” locale=”US”]

2 thoughts on “TLAPD

  1. I have both of the books (big surprise?) if you ever want to borrow them let me know. Plus I have The Book of Pirate Songs by Stuart M Frank which if you would be interested in, you could have.

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