Seelie Court Show

Yesterday I attended the Salem, WI library’s Frodo fest. Actually really, to be truthful, I attended the Seelie Court shows at the Frodo Fest, as I really didn’t wander around much at all. I originally left my house at just around 12:00, which should have put me there right as they were going for their first set. I next left my house at about 12:05, followed by leaving again at 12:10, and a final leaving at 12:!5… Yes I am THAT scaterbrained… This is why I usually, even for a single overnight trip like last night, pack 3 or 4 days in advance. This was not the case, and the repeated trips to the house once again solidified in my mind that I need to do so.
When I did eventually get to the festival, Seelie Court was just finishing up their first set. Between sets I had a chance to visit with everyone in the band, and all of the regular fans in attendance, including , , , , and her husband, and and his wife.
The sets were a lot of fun, and it was so good to have them back. There are a few songs that were requested that they have not yet gotten back down, but I suspect that won’t take them long with their talent.

I ended up leaving before their last set, which for me is a really odd situation, but I had other plans for the rest of the night, and needed to get to my hotel and change into Hawser. More on that in another post.


2 thoughts on “Seelie Court Show

  1. JOHN!!!! You goof! You were only 15 minutes from my place. Shoulda called me. We would have come over. Ah well. Next time.

  2. It was awesome you being there bro…glad you made it. It felt good for all of us to be at a Seelie show once again even if I did pick up the plague x infinity to the infinity power!

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