Ohio, day 1

Yesterday Chris, Mike and I attended the Ohio faire. Mike had never been and was in the area so he joined us. While there we were met by Curt and Ray as well. The morning gate was a bit difficult to here but seemed to involve lord leister or the mayor leaving the money needed for her magestys progress in the care of pirates who of course we suddenly nowhere to be found, thus setting the stage for the latter game of human chess.
Over all we did not notice a lot of changes to the site physically since we were last there 3 to 5 years ago. The cast seemed much Smaller this year and in some cases much less trained. It’s a shame really as they are a very energitic bunch.
I did have one interaction that stood out, sadly for the wrong reasons. I was walking along with Chris when I heard three guys make snide remarks about my oars, they then approach to “interact”. The three were dressed in frat boy representations of Greeks. The concept made no sence to us but whatever. Then one guy made a comment about the size of my oars and joked to his companion “and he’s got a small chest to boot”, at that he smacked me in the chest had enough to make a “thud”. I was so taken back with him actually striking a patron that I had nothing to say. Apparently noticing this, his companion called me on it. “so what do you have to say about that!” I responded, “I have absolutly nothing to say and frankly I am going to walk away and ignore you complettly before I do.”
Seriously, as far as Im conscerned it is NEVER ok to hit a patron! Ever!


2 thoughts on “Ohio, day 1

  1. As I told you over the weekend, Please call the Entertainment Director and complain about this. I have called Kelly about other issues ans she has always addressed them with positive results.

  2. I have indeed sent an email to the entertainment directors email address for the festival. I will call if I do not receive a response.

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