Nope, not Vegas

So, earlier I asked:
What do the following items have in common?

  • Ancient Indian burial mounds
  • Neon palm trees
  • A head-banging Jesus
  • Mobile low cost feline spay and neutering

Five years ago, shortly after Chris and I first met we decided to go to the Ohio Faire. On the way there, we ran into numerous detours, during those detours we came across signs pointing to “Fort Ancient”. It seemed as if every turn we made brought us yet another sign pointing to Fort Ancient, at 2 am this became one of those comedy moments that has followed us over the years. Saturday as we left the faire to go for dinner, we crossed a road sign that read “Fort Ancient, this exit”. We had hours to kill before the diner reservations, and took this sign as a sign that we had to finally visit. It turns out Fort ancient is not, as we had originally suspected some civil war era fort, but rather an ancient Indian fort. Sadly the site was closed at that point in the day, but we did finally get pictures of the two of us at Fort Ancient. 🙂

Fort Ancient
Fort Ancient

After leaving dinner, we began to return to the hotel. Up ahead in the distance we noticed some strange neon palm trees. The palm trees belonged to a local attraction, “TRADERS WORLD”. Traders world is apparently an enormous flea market. We both, found the use of neon palm trees in the middle of Ohio as pretty funny. As we were passing Traders World, we saw a new sign ahead, a sign for the “SOLID ROCK CHURCH”.


I couldn’t resist reading it in a bad British rocker accent. It struck us as funny, then we noticed the statue. In front of the Solid Rock Church is a 62 ft bust of Jesus. At first glance, form the angle we were at I swear it looked like he was head-banging… Yeah, I’m sure it’s quite sacrilegious, but really it was pretty funny…

When we finally arrived at the hotel, parked in front of our hotel room was a large truck. On the rear of the truck were the words: “Mobile low cost feline spay and neutering.” Again we found ourselves laughing.  We were completely unaware there was such a specialized need.

Got a puma? no problem… poodle.. oh sorry call someone else…

Anyway, that’s the story on the silliness on Saturday night.