If you haven’t heard, and apparently few people have. Our governor, Rod Blagojevich has decided to use our state parks as yet another tool in his political machine. The Lt. Governor has setup a petition to oppose this heinous act. Please sign it! Tell the governor this is NOT acceptable!

Help save our parks!


2 thoughts on “HELP!!!

  1. Typical. I’m not sure how he keeps getting elected/re-elected. I do not know the circumstances surrounding his plan to close these parks, I would guess it is budget driven, but who really knows for sure. Someone may have just pissed him off and this is his way of getting back at them.
    Whatever his reason cliams to be, I have sent an email to those I know in Illinois to visit Quinn’s website and sign his petition. I hope it works out, what a shame it would be to lose 11 state parks.

  2. If I lived in Illinois, I’d sign it. That is simply stupid. First Mayor Daley and Meigs Field, now this.

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