Nightmare? Premonition?

I had a very strange experience this morning. At 4:27 a.m. I awoke from what was an incredibly vivid dream. When I awoke I was still choking on smoke and could even taste it… The dream was so vivid… This is what I saw.

I found myself standing along side of my car at an airport I didn’t recognize. Strangly I was near the runway and the terminal or some hangar building, I didn’t get a good look. As I was standing there I became aware of a large jet prepairing to take off. At that my point of view shifted to a point in the air above the runway. I was then able to see another jet in parallel to the 1st jet, this jet was sitting as if waiting for clearance to take off. As the 1st jet taxied past this 2nd jet the 2nd jet exploded with a force so large that the explosion tore the 1st jet apart. Then the perception changed again and I was back on the ground, running from the debris. The tail section of one of the planes came tumbling towards me riding the front of the blast. It looked almost as if it were a pin wheel. The black cloud of smoke engulfed everything as the tail section crashed into the building behind me. As the collision occurred I could hear the screams and wailing of countless people. As the smoke engulfed me and I began choaking awake, I heard the disembodied voice of a television announcer discussing the horrific tragedy involving an Air France flight and… Then I was fully awake still choaking, still tasting the horrible fumesl. I turned on the lights and half expected the room to be full of smoke, but it wasn’t… Within seconds my sence of smell returned to normal and all was well. I laid there staring at the fan trying to make sence of what just happened.