More on the remote front

Well, I couldn’t stop at just the crow, and the flying ghoul. I found in my bins of stuff a screaming head I got from Target a few years ago. I never did set it out anywhere, but I took a look at it, and found it was indeed quite hackable. I dropped in the receiver board from another of the remote control cars. This time though, I had already used the Forward,and Reverse signals for other props, so had to do a little hacking to the receiver. Fortunately the chip in the car is capable of five separate actions, and the chipset is documented on the net, so I used one of the unused channels and linked it into the head. I then had to build a remote that had buttons for all five signals. I built that, finished the interfacing of the receiver and now have the ability to trigger the head from a remote. Tomorrow morning I’ll build a second transmitter for the Prop-1 to use to transmit.


One thought on “More on the remote front

  1. Hey John – I did find a cheap $10 remote switch for the Monster in a box I built. We’ll have to take pictures or a video when I get it to your place. The trick you suggested of putting a surge strip between the Drill and the Switch did improve the range by blocking some of the interference on the line produced by the drill’s motor. It now works from a greater distance and with fewer blips. Anyway, our Christmas (IE Halloween) is almost here. Sweet! Also, I’ve done some testing with the new professional makeup and my zombie should be the best ever and easier to create. Well, that is my hope anyway. See you on Friday.

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