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Last night I was sitting in the living room and the cold wind was blowing outside. Once again, I could feel the chill coming off the windows in the living room. I tossed and turned all night after I went to bed. I wrestled with making a decision. The old windows in the living room are single pane, leaky, and in need of caulking yet again, a project I hate. The alternative though would be to spend a lot of money on replacement windows. Finally I convinced myself I was being irrational by “justifying” ignoring the ancient single pane windows and I feel asleep satisfied in the knowledge that I had decided to call someone for a quote. When I awoke I dreaded the idea of making the call, but got on the computer and did research. I finally decided on going to the showroom of an area window, siding, and door expert and explain the situation them, and let them explain what they could do for me. After spending a good 45 minutes showing me my options, discussing in detail what they would do to the house, etc, my mother and I decided to give them a shot. We really cannot afford to replace all 9 windows at the moment, so we are starting with the 5 worst ones.
Next Friday the measurement tech will be out to measure the five we chose to replace, and we will go from there. I hope I haven’t made a bad choice on this. I’ve looked up the company, and there’s mixed reviews on the net about them, however there seemed to be a lot more positive reviews than negative ones.


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  1. For what it is worth, Jenni and Chris replaced their windows one at a time from Home Depot. I can get more info from her if you want. Chris said they were relatively inexpensive and a whole lot better than the ones they were replacing. They went each Sunday morning and bought and replaced one at a time til they were done. Just a thought so you don’t have to spend a ton of money all at once.
    Having just picked out windows about 18 months ago, I know how you feel. I can not believe the price of some windows. I had to change our living room window design once we got pricing on the ones I had originally picked out.
    Any way you go, best of luck to you.
    Stay warm!!!!

  2. Having replaced nine windows in our home five years ago on a room remodel, we then two summers ago replaced the remaining 13. What a difference it makes! I do not have the skills to do myself, but used Angie’s List to research the best companies. No more do the living room blinds move when the wind blows! The furnace runs less and we figured it a 3-5 year payback.

    We are out in the woods (no neighbors to displease) so used the vinyl (cheaper) and chose the open look with no fake dividers to distract our viewing pleasure (birds, deer, the great outdoors).

  3. I was thinking about this last night after you told me about it. I think you should get at least two other quotes before you sign anything. I think the pricing could be wide ranging on this sort of project. Not that price is everything, but saving $50 to $100 per window on either the windows or the labor could add up quickly. I think it might be best to compare fully loaded quotes that include both the windows and the labor. Just a thought?

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