Christmas Parrot

Anoki dons his cap and scarf for the winter.
Anoki dons his cap and scarf for the winter.

This weekend I’ll be in Port Washington playing pirate once again. This time, unless it’s snowing, I’ll have Anoki with me. What? A parrot out in the cold? Thats cruel, even for a puppet! Don’t worry. I went shopping for him tonight, and he’s now ready for winter. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Christmas Parrot

  1. That is damn adorable John. What day is the parade? I’d love to come and see the parade but I’m not sure what day it is and either way, I have plans. If it’s saturday, I’ll be at Steins all day. If it’s sunday, I already have plans to go see the Titanic exhibit at the Milwaukee Museum.

    Will you be coming for the winterfestival in Cedarburg this year?

  2. Soooo cute. It’s nice to know you’re taking care of your little feathered friend~!
    So apparently there is a parade going on? More pix to follow – I would hope!
    Good luck with the weather.

  3. That’s cool John. Wish I could make the parade this weekend, but I’ll be in Mukwonago with the dogs for a weight pull. If you make it up for the Cedarburg winter fest, I’ll be there Saturday with the dogs, as long as it’s not 10 below like it was last year.

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