I really hate dry skin. Especi…

I really hate dry skin. Especially when I wake up covered in scratches I caused myself while sleeping.


3 thoughts on “I really hate dry skin. Especi…

  1. lotionlotionlotion…..and a humidifier if you don’t have one would be good. I hate dry skin, and winter itch and try to avoid it when at all possible. I Need to get a new humidifier this year. I also have the problem of shocking the cats everytime I touch them when it gets dry in here.

  2. oooooo….try a good body butter. I have a hemp body butter that I found at The Body Shop. Wondrous on dry skin and doesn’t smell girly. They also have a hemp hand lotion which has more of a scent then the body butter…..kind of an earthy scent…..not a fragrance added scent…..natural scent.

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