Fight #1

Well, so far the fight count stands at one.

Every so often since Halloween Palley has asked me to get physical pictures made from Halloween.   I kept telling her I would, and decided that I woudl put them in an album and give them to her as a Christmas Gift.  (I thought about doing some sort of scrap book thing, but I know nothing about scrap booking)  So I went ahead and selected all of what I thought were the best pictures from the night and made prints.   I then hunted through half a dozen stores to find what I thgouth was a nice albulm to put them in.   It was nothign fancy, but it was soemthign she had been asking me for.

When she opened it the response was,  “Ohhh! oh good now I can finally get copies made.”   “Uh, if you want extras, let me just re-print them, making copies from the prints is not going to be as good as the original files.” “Why do you need extra copies?”  “Well I told you I want to send them to Micheal.” “No you didn’t.”  “Of course I did, thats the whole reason I wanted them was because he wanted to see them.” “Ok, whatever… I’m pretty sure you never mentioned that though”  “Of course I did, you just have to many things goign on and never remember these things.”  “Whatever” “Oh good grief, don’t start!”

So, turns out she didn’t want the pictures for anything other than to give to Micheal.  Should have known…