Bad Gift #2

Well, the photos didn’t go over well…  But hey I bought her the rolling cutter for fabric she wanted, so thas a good thign right?


I bought the wrong thing apparently.  Tonight she informed me that she will not use the rolling cutter or mat I got her and that it was NOT what she wanted.

She wants some sort of all in one device that ____ at the church has. “She can cut out an entire quilt in a couple of minutes”.    Well, I talked to friends, I tlaked to the poepe at the craft stores they all told me what I got was the right thing.  The all in one device thing I saw is for PAPER only. “NO ITS NOT!  ___ USES ONE ALL THE TIME! ITS FOR FABRC”  “OK, SO I’M WRONG, I BOGUHT YOU THE WROGN THING BECASUE I LISTENED TO TH PEOPLE THAT DO THIS ALL THE TIME! WHY WOULD THEY HAVE ANY CLUE! I DONT DO CRAFTS! I DONT KNOW WHAT TO GET! YOU DIDN’T GIVE ME ANYTHING TO GO ON! NO NAME,  NO PART NUMBER NO NOTHING! I TALKED TO THE EXPERTS I KNEW” “OH GOOD GRIEF, NOW YOU ARE WHINING!” So I completely changed my tone of voice, and repeated, “Look, you didn’t give me anyhting to go on, other than a vauge description.  I did research on the web, i contacted quilters I knew, I talked to the experts in the craft stores.  They all toldme the same thing! The thing thats all in one that they had, is not for fabric, only for paper. ”  “OH GEEEZ NOW YOUR JSUT PISSED OFF AT ME!!! I SHOULD HAVE NEVE SAID ANYHTING!”  “Ya know what, I’m done… You go talk to your lady at church that has this thing you want, you get me the EXACT model, and manufacture and I’ll buy you that!”  “OH YEAH IM SURE I JUST IMAGINED IT! IT DOESNT EXIST”  I ignored her and got back on the laptop.

Why did I bother getting anything at all,  I wait to find out how much she hates the Lion plaque I got her next…