Is it then ok to guilt people …

Is it then ok to guilt people into doing my laundry? Shopping for clothes for me? Shoveling snow for me? Doing my taxes for me? Really…

One thought on “Is it then ok to guilt people …

  1. Don’t feel guilty for saying “No” to anyone. I know it’s not easy for someone who is generous & cares about other people. But… you are in control of your own life and have to set limits. If not, certain people will always take advantage of you.

    It was always hard for me too. I think I’m still facing challenges, that require me to say No… just to strengthen my convictions.

    Giving in & saying yes when you really don’t want to, generally leads to resentment towards the other person.

    If the other person doesn’t respect your right to set limits about your own time, it is their problem… not yours.

    And that’s all of your time I’m going to take up, saying you did nothing to feel guilty for.

    And whatever other challenge you were facing (the situation that was out of your hands) I hope it all works out well.

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