2 thoughts on “I would love for my phone to r…

  1. Hi John, I’d love to ring you up sometime, but….
    sorry, don’t have your phone #. 🙂

    Since you are the “genius” with all this computer stuff, I’d also like to ‘pick your brain’ about some questions this ‘novice’ has.

    Also wonder what you think about the Virus that’s supposed to hit on April Fool’s Day?

    Apparently since my computer is not affected now (did the scan), and I do have Windows Auto Updates, plus Norton AV, I should be ok, right?

    If you prefer to talk in e-mail, you should have my add.

  2. I totally need to catch up with you. Also, I miss you like mad. Sadly, my brain is not currently capable of veering out of “make stuff” mode for more than two minutes at a time, and I have lost the thread of almost every conversation I have had in the last month. Too loopy to make sense 😦

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