Three Years Today

It’s been three years since Dave’s accident. With the news from yesterday today has not been a great day. I’ve been trying to hide from dealing with either loss. I know it’s probably not the best choice, but there’s just a LOT to cope with. The emotional issues are hard enough as is, but then toss in this stupid ass kidney stone, and I’m just completely overwhelmed.
I’ve spent most of the day creating a guide for adding one of the features I demoed in my presentation at the conference into a libraries catalog. It’s helped, me focus on something else.


One thought on “Three Years Today

  1. John, I feel for you, man. Tuesday(April 14th) is the 8th anniversary of my younger brother’s death. He was a huge Dallas Cowboy fan which is why is was really hard for me to be in Dallas last week. I don’t like Easter either, because I still remember that Easter (the day after he died) where we were receiving friends and family instead of celebrating.

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