Twitter Updates for 2009-07-31

  • I think my Dr. may have been wrong about the back being just a muscle thing. I twisted earlier, heard & felt a loud pop. Feel much better! #

More of the same

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything family related. Mostly because I’ve been busy and have removed myself from any possibility of hearing anything. Sadly, tonight, the first night I have been home in daylight since last Wednesday that reprieve came to an end. Shortly after arriving home the phone rang and it was my cousin. Palley, my mother, answered the phone at the same time I did, when I heard the voice on the other end, I hung up, not wanting anything to do with my cousin. The conversation didn’t last very long but what I did over hear from the other end of the house involved my cousin’s oldest kid, who is incarcerated, having been beat down yet again.
Not long after the call ended the phone rang again. The electronic voice asked us to accept the charges for a collect call from the detention center where my cousins son was being held… Big surprise… We accepted the charges…
Shortly after the call began I was asked to pick up the receiver, as he likes to talk to me. I did, and he started to explain the whole “beat down” situation. The details and reasons of which I will not get into here but it’s nothing that I didn’t expect to happen…
After the description of that situation was over he brought up that his mother was going to come visit him. She has no car of her own, and has been insisting on using Palley’s car. Palley informed him to not get his hopes up because her car is not in good shape, and they couldn’t come last week because it was in the garage being worked on.
His response? “Why won’t you just co-sign for her!”
“What?!”, I jumped in. I immediately analyzed the situation and realized what con was going on.
“Why wont she co-sign? Because your mother has never paid a debt shes owes once in her life ”
At this he immediately back pedaled and changed the subject.
I just cannot get over her… He has had a horrible life, shes been responsible for a lot of it, and yet she still can’t help using him…
I just want to scream every time I hear anything that goes on with her…