Sweet child

On Sunday all of Bristol mourned the loss of our friends who had passed from this world during the past year. This is accomplished by a solem, period accurate march by our military. I caught up with the procession at it’s end where I was able to hear the final words of tribute.
After the conclusion to the procession there were many standing about trying to hold on to or possibly regain their composure. I offered comfort and support where I could.
As most began to trickle away I became aware of a young girl standing in our presence. I turned to her and smiled and waved, a pleasant and warm smile greeted me back with a timid wave tossed in for good measure. I approached and knelt down so that we might speak.
I began the conversation asking her how her day was going. She replied with confidence and the verbal eloquence that could have rivaled the queen herself. As our conversation continued she proceeded to describe for me, in vivid detail, her experiance earlier at the maypole. As she spoke the sorrow I had felt from the parade lifted and I could not help but be infected by her enthusiasm. Our conversation ended and she politely excused herself so that she could continue her days adventure.
I stood up and again waved as she left the area. Just then our mistress of misrule passed by still greiving for a dear friend. I called out to her but she did not hear me as she rushed to the maypole to meet up with her cast. I ran after her finally catching her attention in the shadow of the town square public house.
I could see the grief weighing upon her heavily, and informed her that I had a story for her that might just help. I then proceeded to tell her of the child I had spoken to only minutes before. As I did a smile washed over her face. “thank you, that was exactly what I needed.”

We later saw each other again and to my surprise the young angel was just a few feet away entranced by the marionette and smiling away, her day still bright and cheerful. These are the truly precious moments that make all we put ourselves through worth every drop of sweat.