Weekend 4 – Best and Worsts!

This, turned out to be an incredibly fun weekend at the Bristol Renaissance Faire. Despite my back still acting up, I had a great time!


  • backing into a friend’s neighbor’s truck after dropping her off Sunday and damaging both vehicles
  • still having some back pain Both days
  • missing out on duck brownies 😦


  • Best audience of the season!!!
  • Sing-a-long at the old wash well with friends on both Saturday and Sunday
  • Having a nearly full house for Andy and I’s show in KK
  • Hugs, gifts and excited questions from fans of Cutlass Cooking
  • Finally catching a New Minstrel Reveu show this weekend
  • Fantastic compliment from Joe Fernandez
  • Huge turnout for pub crawl Saturday, and actually getting patrons to sing along on songs and even contribute verses
  • Finally getting street time together with Andy
  • Watching Ann Q’s bit stealing soup from the duck get such great reactions from cast and patrons alike!
  • Little girl so excited about learning how to row that she accidentally clocked me in the face with my paddle when she turned to show her mom
  • Hearing how excited other cast were over their weekend too!

One thought on “Weekend 4 – Best and Worsts!

  1. Hearing of all the escapdes makes me *really miss* Faire this year!!

    Still, I’m very happy you post all this, so I know everyone else is having a great season.

    As far as the Worst list… I’m sorry to hear your back is still giving you some problems. You mentioned once that after it “popped” you felt better. That tells me it is something that can probably be fixed by a chiropractor and/or some massage. Actually there are some Chiro Dr’s. that only do massage, and not do any harsh adjustments. If you have never been to one, would you consider it? I really think it would help.

    Also… WHAT are Duck Brownies??

    Your Best List was terrific. I’m glad you are having so much fun… even while getting smacked in the face with your paddle!!

    Sure sounds like a really special season. Good for you.

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