What a wake up

I bolted awake this morning in a panic. I just knew I had forgotten to renew my license plates. I freaked out, raced through my shower, and getting dressed. I tore my stack of what I was sure was unimportant mail apart. As I thought, it was unimportant… All the time thoughts of fear were racing through my head. “I know my plates expire at the end of September, I can’t believe I was driving around all weekend without valid license plates.”, “What am I going to do if I can’t find the renewal form!”, “Is the DMV even open on Tuesdays!” The panic continued, until I forced myself to take a deep breath, walk out to the car and look at my license plate. 05-10
Apparently my brain had decided to be dyslexic in my sleep and freak out thinking that the plates expired on October 5th, not May of 2010…
Fun way to start the morning…


One thought on “What a wake up

  1. Oh My no, NOT a fun way to start your day.
    Glad you weren’t really late with renewal.
    As I recall, back in Wis. you got the plates when you bought a car, and had to renew each year on that day. (something like that)
    Here in Florida, the renewal has to be done BY your birthday.
    Makes it easier to remember that way. šŸ˜‰

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