night show

Opened with toss and roll, the jokes and humor worked well, the audience loved it.
The audience is really receptive to them, lots of laughter and cheering.
Second song is Dean’s solo, “call of the sea”. The audience seems to be trying to find a beat to clap to in it but I see a lot of swaying along so that’s probably good. Audience cheered but not as loud. Honestly it didn’t sound as clear as it should have.

Next up, “hezigon ciscele”. Croud is really clapping along to it, and I swear I hear a lot of them singing along! Cool! Looking down from the balconey I see a LOT of folks singing alon! Oh no! This just in! The weakest link has been used! Christie flubbed a verse!

For not knowing the language they are definity engaging the audiencr very well!

Next up is “green eyed girl” and again the audience is clapping in time and even adding in some complex rhythems in with the clapping?!? Wow!

“Barbershop shantyl” is up now, let’s see how this goes. :-). They gang sounds at the top of their game, the crowd is mostly quiet. I see some folks dancing though… Good amount of applause though.

“Northwest Passage”, let’s see if this is as well received as in germany. The couple in front of me just cuddled in closer to each other. I see again that some folks are singing along. I just had shivers down my spine, I hear the crowd singing along!!! And they just burst into clapping in time and the place is ringing with voices singing along in polish and english! Holy Crap! Wow! Crowd Just broke into northwest passage in polish for Bounding main after the song was over!!!!!!!
“Marching Inland” as a closing encore! 🙂 As expected there are also folks singing along to it. Jons comedy verse is jetting applause with each hammy moment. They don’t know that if they keep it up Jon may never leave the stage 🙂

All costumed performes just took the stage for a group photo op :-).
“Bounding Main was a very pleasure for us”


oh dear…

This could be bad…
The show tonight is supposed to be modern shanties…
Uh… Well Bounding Main prepared their more modern shanties…
The opening act dressed in pirate garb, just started out with a cover of a Green Day song…
They are very rock oriented… Yikes… This could break bad for our troup of Shanty singers…

Next troup is up, and they too are playing rock songs… Yikes!!!
I really fear this is not going to be what this audience is expecting to hear… Rut Ro…

On a side note, I really have got to just fully trust my instincts… As I was leaving the hotel room I found myself drawn to a pair of earplugs I left on the table. I felt the need to bring them and I ignored it. As loud as this is getting, I should have brought them… As a dear friend who is also a pilot is fond of saying: “nothing is so useless as fuel on the ground”. Seems to apply here…

Group number three is now taking the stage and I see an electric bass, accordion. And two accoustic gutairs. I fear they won’t be much different…
Well its not quite full rock, its like country-rock. Oy. Hey song two by this group is actually shanty like! Woooohooo even includes a “Wey Hey” song three by this group is “when Johnny comes marching home again”, Bounding Main may be more fitting if they are up after these guys…

Phew Bounding Main is up now! Massive cheer as they took the stage! Wish em luck!

saturdays early show

I’m currently at the Saturday earlyer show. Its not a shanty show per say, but rather seems to be a showcase of music that has influenced the people. It was very cool to have heard “St. James Infirmary” done in a mixture of polish and english! Love the song anyway but its so cool to see how music is truly universal. The band started the first few notes and there was a wave of excited murmering from all over the audience, my self included. Here I am 1000s of miles away from home and am able to share the excitement and joy of a great song with a group of strangers who speak a foreign language.
Music, the universal language of the soul.

P.S. Just heard “when the saints go marching in” in polish. Way cool!


Today we all met up around 10am local time to have breakfast in the hotel resturaunt. While there we met up with our friend Powel and then later we were joined by the legendary Tom Lewis. After breakfast the group reassembled to do some touring of the city center.
After touring and shopping we returned to the hotel so bounding Main could rehearse for tonights concert at 10 pm.


We landed without any trouble at Krakows wondfull airport. We were met by festival organizers we then rode straight to the concert hall for sound check. After sound check we checked into our hotel, a lovely hotel right off the city center of Krakow. We then rested for a bit before taking cabs to the show.
The evening concert was phenominal, I’ve never seen such an audience. It was so incredible to see such fandom, and to hear so many old favorite songs sung in Polish!!! Paddy lay back, marching inland, lukeys Boat… Wow wow wow!

Bounding main was LOVED the audience erupted and demanded an encore!

almost there

Well it’s 2:18 am Chicago time, we have had breakfast and there is about an hour left in the flight. Then a short layover, and another hour long flight. I managed to get a little sleep earlier although it was in short bursts due to the comfort level of the seats. Oh well, its still more sleep than I got on the Germany flight. Dare I say I’m becoming accostomed to all this?
Scary thought!

almost halfway

This post is from about half way into the flight. The baby has quieted thankfully. David and I are going stir crazy in our seats. One major thing we are missing is the little air jets to give you fresh air blowing on you. Very fustrating.
Also wish I could have brought a giant bottle of water as I’m parched…

Off I go

I am writing this message from onboard our flight to Warsaw. The flight is supposed to be a nine hour flight, we will see. We waitied at o’haire for an hour to taxi…
They just served dinner and I found it to be very nice. In addition to a chicken or beef dish (I had beef) we were also provided with some bread, cheese, salami, and a type of chutney that was all very delicious.
So far entertainment has been a major difference from that we experienced on the Germany flight. That flight we had extra leg room, and personal entertainment systems in our seats. This flight has no more room than that of a domestic flight and entertainment consists of VCR based videos on a projector for the cabin. We did see a couple of my favorite old Disney cartoons. They just finished played the premeere episode of how I met your Mother.
Earlier in the day I pulled my camers out to begin documenting the trip oly to discover I managed to shatter my LCD screen on my camera. I quickly ran to the nearrst store and bought a replacement. Quite a start to the trip so far.
Oh I forgot to mention we are sgaring the flight with a screaming baby that screamed for an hour and ten minutes straight… Eight hours to go. Hopefully I will be able to sleep some.