Off I go

I am writing this message from onboard our flight to Warsaw. The flight is supposed to be a nine hour flight, we will see. We waitied at o’haire for an hour to taxi…
They just served dinner and I found it to be very nice. In addition to a chicken or beef dish (I had beef) we were also provided with some bread, cheese, salami, and a type of chutney that was all very delicious.
So far entertainment has been a major difference from that we experienced on the Germany flight. That flight we had extra leg room, and personal entertainment systems in our seats. This flight has no more room than that of a domestic flight and entertainment consists of VCR based videos on a projector for the cabin. We did see a couple of my favorite old Disney cartoons. They just finished played the premeere episode of how I met your Mother.
Earlier in the day I pulled my camers out to begin documenting the trip oly to discover I managed to shatter my LCD screen on my camera. I quickly ran to the nearrst store and bought a replacement. Quite a start to the trip so far.
Oh I forgot to mention we are sgaring the flight with a screaming baby that screamed for an hour and ten minutes straight… Eight hours to go. Hopefully I will be able to sleep some.