night show

Opened with toss and roll, the jokes and humor worked well, the audience loved it.
The audience is really receptive to them, lots of laughter and cheering.
Second song is Dean’s solo, “call of the sea”. The audience seems to be trying to find a beat to clap to in it but I see a lot of swaying along so that’s probably good. Audience cheered but not as loud. Honestly it didn’t sound as clear as it should have.

Next up, “hezigon ciscele”. Croud is really clapping along to it, and I swear I hear a lot of them singing along! Cool! Looking down from the balconey I see a LOT of folks singing alon! Oh no! This just in! The weakest link has been used! Christie flubbed a verse!

For not knowing the language they are definity engaging the audiencr very well!

Next up is “green eyed girl” and again the audience is clapping in time and even adding in some complex rhythems in with the clapping?!? Wow!

“Barbershop shantyl” is up now, let’s see how this goes. :-). They gang sounds at the top of their game, the crowd is mostly quiet. I see some folks dancing though… Good amount of applause though.

“Northwest Passage”, let’s see if this is as well received as in germany. The couple in front of me just cuddled in closer to each other. I see again that some folks are singing along. I just had shivers down my spine, I hear the crowd singing along!!! And they just burst into clapping in time and the place is ringing with voices singing along in polish and english! Holy Crap! Wow! Crowd Just broke into northwest passage in polish for Bounding main after the song was over!!!!!!!
“Marching Inland” as a closing encore! 🙂 As expected there are also folks singing along to it. Jons comedy verse is jetting applause with each hammy moment. They don’t know that if they keep it up Jon may never leave the stage 🙂

All costumed performes just took the stage for a group photo op :-).
“Bounding Main was a very pleasure for us”


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  1. Okay, you just gave me goosebumps — the crowd singing back in Polish? That’s awesome beyond words.

    Good to know you’re having a truly miserable time over there. 😛

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