Heave Away

Ok, I have checked logs, identified the punk responsible, banned their IP, and banned the IPs of around 30K known spammers. Behold the power of a decent blacklist, sed and awk and a pissed off sysadmin at 3 a.m. Tomorrow when I’m more lucid ill do a little analysis on the block list and trim it down by just banning whole netblocks where I get no traffic but spammers and bots from. For now though I need sleep!

(In case you are wondering? This is a final test message I’m not just blogging for the sake of blogging)



Well interesting, my log seems to have been hacked. Fortunately not to badly as far as I can tell. I have updated the software to the latest version. (Thank you wordpress for making it painless via SVN and about 30 seconds of work)

I woke up to an email form my server thanking me for setting up my blog… VERY SCARY.

I have also updated wordpress on the other sites I host for safteys sake.

notes from crabby passenger in 20C

Guy in 20B get you leg off me… Seriously there’s barely enough room in my seat area for me, spreading your legs wide and then because you are bored bouncing you damn leg making it rub agaisnt mine for hours is going to get you punched. Your wife is in seat 20A play with her not me. Also, your seat space ends at the armrest not 6 inches over the edge. Your damn boney elbow in my gut or back is really uncomfortable.

Kid in 19B when your mother says “I think someone has to go to the bathroom” that means you… Stop trying to hold it and stinking up the area worse than a bristol privy on a 100 degree day… Planes have lavatories… Use it!!!
Mom in 19A… I don’t care how special you think little Shawn is, when he’s not getting the hint about his bowl movements… Just take him…

Steward dude, when you are dancing at the drink cart… Please don’t forget that you have passengers right behind you… I did not enjoy your rear end wiggling right in my face for a full 12 seconds…

To the woman sitting somewhere around row 14… Turing side to side past each row as you attempt to squeeze by doesn’t help make you less annoying. In fact it makes you more so because every time you turn you end up hitting someone else. Turn sideways, stay that way and walk like the rest of us…

To the woman who was at the lavatory before me, I’m waiting behind your husband in the isle so you can sit back down, you aren’t doing me any favors by turning back around and heading back to stand in front of the door I want in so we can then try to squeeze two people in the isle… Its not rocket science… Sit down and get out of the isle!!!


I’m sick, I’m crabby, and I’m tired of being on an airplane…

ive had all i can stand

Seriously, I am done with air travel for a while I swear to god every freaking person on this flight has shoved their posterior in my face. I know I’m grumpy cause I’m sick so I’m probably just more sensative but damn! It seems like they all choose my row to pass by each other too. I can’t tell you how many times I’m been pushed at prodded sat on or run into while trying to sit in my seat!!! 2+ hours to go… I may survive it…

Heading North

I’m in the air on my 3 hour flight to alaska from seattle. This plane has direct tv in every seat just swipe your card for $6 to use it. I’m not…
For the first time I can remember in years I have an open seat next to me. I have the armrest up and don’t feel cramped. The woman in the window seat and I have both clamed the middle seat for our possesions and therefor have decent legroom too.
The are bringing around the meal of a salad and a turkeydog now.

still flying…

“Up in the air” is over. I wasn’t horribly impressed. It was actually kind of depressing if you ask me. George Clooneys character may have learned a little bit about life I suppose but ultimatly he seemed worse off for the events in the movie. The other characters didn’t seem much better off either. I guess I am happy I don’t fly for a living but, whatever.


Well, I’m in flight. The plane is pretty nice, multiple LCDs for the movie. (“Up in the air”) the one stewardass seems intent on running into me at every opportunity.
The seats are comfortable though, and so far so good.

on the road again

I am currently sitting in Ohare Airport, gate C11 awaiting the boarding call for my flight to Seattle, the 1st half of my trip to Alaska. So far I’ve not had any real problems getting through security or anything. I did once again forget to remove my cellphone before heading throught the metal detector… Oh well, these things happen.

going home

We are currently about mid flight on the flight home. What a wonderful trip.

Now at five hours into the flight Jon pointed out the window. I looked down and the cloud cover had parted and below us was a frozen landscape unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Greenland. Despite the desolation the ice revealed hills and valleys and windswept patters that from this distance just seemed so beautiful.

Just over two hours to go. Except it may be longer or worse. Just a few moments ago the flight attendants asked if there was a Dr on the plane. Seconds later a man passed is with two stewardesses. As I was writing this another stewardess ran past with the AED… This could get interesting. They just announced that they are distributing the customs forms. I suspect we may divert to newark… If that’s the case, this will be the second time I’m visiting Newark with Bounding Main. A member of the flight crew itself headed to the rear of the plane, presumably to assess the situation. Currently our heading is still on track for Chicago so we may still end at our correct destination.

Nope, 1:52 remaining and we have been informed we will be diverting to Toronto. After taking care of the sick passenger we will take off again and continue to Chicago.

It is now 7:04 chicago time and we have arrived in Toronto. We are taxiing into position to allow EMS to retrieve our sick passenger. After that the flight computer is projecting about a 40 minute flight to chicago.