Heading North

I’m in the air on my 3 hour flight to alaska from seattle. This plane has direct tv in every seat just swipe your card for $6 to use it. I’m not…
For the first time I can remember in years I have an open seat next to me. I have the armrest up and don’t feel cramped. The woman in the window seat and I have both clamed the middle seat for our possesions and therefor have decent legroom too.
The are bringing around the meal of a salad and a turkeydog now.


still flying…

“Up in the air” is over. I wasn’t horribly impressed. It was actually kind of depressing if you ask me. George Clooneys character may have learned a little bit about life I suppose but ultimatly he seemed worse off for the events in the movie. The other characters didn’t seem much better off either. I guess I am happy I don’t fly for a living but, whatever.


Well, I’m in flight. The plane is pretty nice, multiple LCDs for the movie. (“Up in the air”) the one stewardass seems intent on running into me at every opportunity.
The seats are comfortable though, and so far so good.

on the road again

I am currently sitting in Ohare Airport, gate C11 awaiting the boarding call for my flight to Seattle, the 1st half of my trip to Alaska. So far I’ve not had any real problems getting through security or anything. I did once again forget to remove my cellphone before heading throught the metal detector… Oh well, these things happen.