Outward bound

Here I am sitting in the airport getting ready to fly to phoenix.  This trip is my yearly trip for work and should be a good experience. I vow to avoid kidney stones or other medical stuff this trip.
So far I’ve not had any real apprehension or major worries.

The metal detector didn’t luke my belt, the first time that’s ever happened.

There was an elderly gentleman and his wife behind me who tried to get through security with a golf club… The TSA agent sounded utterly shocked when he had to explain it to the mans wife.


ATTiny85 WAV Audio player for Halloween

It has been ages since I last posted. I wont get in to the reasons for it right now. Lately I have been working on a project for next years Halloween fun.

A few years ago I built a “Lightning Box” based upon a color organ circuit, and a halogen flood light. The unit works, but is a bit clunky, and relies upon an external CD player boom box unit I bought at the Dollar store for $5. The whole contraption definitely could use some re-working.

The current plan is to make the unit fully self contained (with the exception of the speakers) and solid state. The C player will be replaced with a audio player circuit I located that is based upon the ATTINY85 processor. I also plan to remove the amplifier board from a set of old computer speakers, combine that board with the audio player, and then feed the amplified audio into the color organ as well as the speakers. This entire collection of hardware should be able to be housed in a standard Carlon 4x4x4 PVC watertight junction box. More on that later…

I have attached a picture of the working prototype Audio board.