Music bliss

I’m currently sitting in a German pub with a new friend from Poland, maggoe, David, and jon. Two tables over is a shanty group from Ireland, they are singing traditional songs, we join in when we can, and it is just fantastic.


Oh my god

Oh my god,David and I just got back from the 3 hour and still going all sing shanty singout.
Imagine around 80 shanty singers all singing their hearts out. It was incredible, absolutly incredible.

This night was one of the best nights in my life. Just wow! ! ! Overwhelming shanty goodness!

I’ll sing you a song, it’s a song of the sea

Something really cool happened today in the FOF garden. Uncle Ho managed to put together an impromptu singout. Between himself, Jennifer, Kate, Ray, and myself we managed to sing together for almost an hour. It was so well received that we have been asked to make it a regular event.
I think my personal favorite was Ho and I doing “Grey funnel line”.

More Thoughts on TNRF

In addition to the faire folks we had dinner with both nights, we were also lucky to have ‘s brother and his lovely wife join us as well. It was nice to get the opportunity to catch up with her brother, and to actually meet his wife.

As far as CD purchases go, I purchased “Hither Dither and Yon’s album: The Mad But Not Angry Tour”, “Empty Hats: Released”, “Porter & Stout: Three Sheets to the Wind; Live at the Claddagh”, “Porter & Stout: Treasures”, and “Axel the Sot: Songs to Sing When You’re Drunk”

iPod and Music

Still no iPod… You know it’s funny, I resisted the idea of owning an iPod for so damn long, and now I’m going stir crazy without it… Funny…

A few weeks ago I noticed a pub/restaurant that can be on my way home, that has Open Mic night on Tuesdays. I’ve gone every Tuesday night since. It’s enjoyable, I was hoping there would be some folk music, so far there hasn’t been but it is all acoustic. So far it hasn’t chased me off, and it’s nice to have something to go to that’s close. People have already learned my name, and have been really friendly, and welcoming even though all I do is sit and listen. (ok, yeah I do sing along from my seat)

Wow, its late, I should get to bed…