Phantom Hourglass

I beat Phantom Hourglass just now. It’s fun, and was worth it. I made a copy of my save file before going to beat the last boss, so I should sill be able to play some of the other aspects of it. There are a lot of different ship parts, and other treasues to find, so I’ll prolly keep playing it till I find them all.


ACWW: Mortgage

Just in case anyone cares, all of my mortgages are now paid off thanks to the massive turnip windfall of over 2 million bells last friday.   No more debt to Tom Nook and I still have around 700K bells in the bank to buy random thigns from him.

ACWW: Fishing Contest

I have decided to host a fishing contest in Animal Crossing tonight. Get me your friend code / town name / character name and I’ll add you. The gates open at 7 p.m. Make sure you have enough room in your inventory for four fish. Rather than a simple contest of “who can catch the most fish in __ minutes.” I thought it would be more fun to see who can catch a set list of fish first. I will post the fish list on the bulletin board in my town and the winner gets fabulous prizes! Fish will be handed over to me before prizes will be awarded, so no cheating!

ACWW Friend Code

Metroid Prime Hunters

I broke down and got Metroid Prime Hunters tonight. I’m not really good with FPS games, but again, its a Wi-Fi title… so uh… Gotta Have it… I realised tonight that I have bought more games for the DS than I have for the last two game systems I had total.
Here’s my friend code for it. Same deal as always… if ANYONE hapens to get it.. post your friend code here so I can play you. I promise I SUCK at FPS so I’m an easy target…
Name: cap60552

Low Battery

I managed to run the battery out on my DS playing Wi-Fi tetris this morning before work, and from the moment I got off work. 🙂 It’s nice to not be the worst player in the game for a change. I have run into some MUCH MORE talented people though so I’ve defintly gotta work on my game. I’ve gotten a little better since yesterday. Yesterday I couldn’t beat the computer on the new push mode, today push mode, level one was childs play, I beat it barely looking at the screen. Level 2 wasn’t all that bad either.

MUAHAHH I likey!!!