Smash Brothers

I beat the Subspace Emissary on smash brothers brawl for the Wii. That was enjoyable. Now, I went through the normal brawl with Sonic, and had cartoon link come after me, but sadly his a tough cookie, and I lost… I’ll have to bone up on Sonics moves before I try for him again…


Super Paper Mario

I managed to finish Super Paper Mario tonight.  Total game play time of  just over 20 hours.   It seems, from the survey I got from Nintendo that I must have missed a number of things.  They asked about a pit of 1000 trials or something, but I never came across it.   I wonder if I beat it to fast, and didn’t have to do as many things because I did? I’ll have to look up a strategy guide, or walk through and see what they were talking about.   I really enjoyed the game though.  It held my attention when playing it, and was broken up into enough “chapters” that I could play a little and then put it down and not play for a few days, then pick right up where I left off.


Tonight was another of our once a semester “Late Night at the Library” events.   This time, in addition to all the excitement of studying we added a little more fun.   One of the staff members brought in their Wii and we set it up to run off one of the  LCD projectors.   From the moment I turned it on, students came in, drawn by the sounds of the Wii.   We played Bowling, Tennis, Golf, and even threw in Rayman Raving Rabbits and raced the armadillos (or whatever they are).    Midnight hit in no time, and no one wanted to leave.   I don’t know how the rest of the event went, but the Wii room was a major hit.
I have a feeling I’ll be sore tomorrow from all the tennis.