Illinois Government

Illinois government has a long way to go yet. I’m happy that Pat Quinn is in the office now, and I hope he can indeed pull off his desire to clean up the government. He’s going to have a rough road ahead of him, but for all of our sakes, I hope he sticks to his guns and really does fumigate the state government.
I was shocked to hear that Rickey Hendon was brazen enough to be caught on CBS news saying, “The biggest challenge that I see for Pat Quinn is to overcome the do-gooder, reformer image. Pat has to know that you have to grease the wheels — that’s the way it works — to get things done around here.”
Holy carp… Has this man not been paying attention to what just happened to Blago?!?!?
Governor Quinn, I think you found your first cockroach to exterminate. As a citizen of Illinois, I do NOT want him to overcome the do-gooder image, keep it up!!! Reform away mon’ capitan! We need it!


Where were you?

It was spoken often that today will be a day that people will speak of for years to come. A day spoken of with phrases such as, “where were you on that historic day?” yes, it is historic that we have elected the 1st black president, and that’s the last I intend to ever mention that aspect of his presidency. It should not be mentioned or used at all. There is a long road to January 20th, and these next few months will lay the groundwork for what has been touted as a presidency for change. It is may hope that it will be that change that defines the look back on history

Where was I? I was at the pub with friends watching the election results on a big screen tv.

Where were you?

Day 9

It seems impossible that this is already day 9 of the trip. It has gone by so very fast. I cannot even begin to say how much I have enjoyed this trip. The group has been a lot of fun the entire trip. I find myself constantly amazed by the outpouring of kindness shown to the group. I’m sitting here writing this in the home of the Keeter family who, until they saw the poster for the show being held tonight, had never heard of bounding main. Once they did they arranged for all off us to stay with them in their enormous home, set up an interview on the AFN, personally escorted us all over the area, and fed us till we were ready to burst.

Yesterday during the hospital visit I saw things that maked me so sad. I wanted to cry so many times. God i hate the fact that these men and women have to endure the things they are enduring. These soldiers make such sacrifices for us, and to hear them tell tales of being mistreated by the folks back home just made my heart shatter. Being jeered at, and spat upon after putting onesself in harms way to try to protect the rights of those very same people is horrific. To those that would, even for an instant, consider such an act, I am ashamed of you, and suggest you never show you face in my presence lest I rearange it.

Fed Up…

Ok, I’ve been mulling over this whole presidential get out of jail free card scooter libby has, and frankly I’m pissed. The man was CONVICTED… What the hell! How is it because he’s friends of the president… he gets a presidential get out of jail free card… What the hell!

I signed the petition, and I also wrote the following blurb and sent it to my senators, and Dennis Hastert…

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Closer and Closer to “I Told You So”

Since very early in his 1st term of office I have said I fear that the president will not wish to relinquish office upon the end of his term.   You can debate to the end of time the idea that the elections this last time were fixed.  (One day you hear they were , then the next day you hear they weren’t depending upon the news source.  Until I have hard proof I can’t really say, but I’ll confess I do feel the Diebold corporation sure had a lot of suspicious code, and statements)  My feelings on the next election have always been that there will be some other major disaster or event a month or so before the elections.   This event will cause the president to enact martial law to “save” us.  Of course during Martial law it will be to dangerous to hold elections and his reign will continue.   Many people I have told this idea to laughed and informed me that he doesn’t have the power to do such a thing.  “There are laws to prevent that!”  My retort to that statement was always, yes there are, for now…
This brings us to the current news.  On October 17, 2006 the president, backed by a bill introduced by the House of Representatives, signed into law a bill that contains a section buried 3/4 of the way down, that grants him the ability to declare martial law during cases of  “Major public emergencies; interference with State and
Federal law”.

Read that closely people.  “Major public emergencies”    So,  say there is some attack on our soil , or the appearance of one.   The president, and all future presidents, have the ability to declare martial law!!!    WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

Read that closely people.   “Interference with State and Federal Law”

So… If there is any interference with a federal or state law the president has the right to declare martial law.   So if that were to be interpreted a bit loosely…  Lets look up the definition of the word Interfere shall we:

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, Definition #2, B:

“Of persons and things: To come into non-physical collision or contact, to clash in opinions, tendencies, etc. ”

So basically, the president, and all future presidents have the right to declare martial law if anyone has a difference of opinion with the president.

“Oh John, stop being paranoid”

READ THE BILL!  There are even provisions in section 1076 to SUSPEND THE CONSTITUTION!!!  READ IT!!! WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!!
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