It was Palley’s (my mom for newcomers) Birthday yesterday. As is tradition we went to dinner. She chose a little local place that used to be very good. The place recently changed names and I’ve been meaning to try it out. Lets just say we were rather disappointed. The friendly cheerful service we were used to is gone. The food quality is ok I guess, I wasn’t really impressed. I’m quite certain I could have done a better job on the Chicken Agli Oli Oh. The waitress ignored us most of the night, while the people that came in after us were seated, and served their meal before our appetizers even arrived.
On the good side, Palley’s gift went over really well. I’ve not seen her so genuinely excited over a gift in a long time. Her gift? A roomba of her very own. Now she has a robot to do the vacuuming downstairs. She already ran it through her bedroom last night and it did a good job. I still find it amazing how much it picks up in a room that is vacuumed regularly.


Fun with the Roomba

Yesterday as I left for work I hit the clean button on the roomba and went to work.  When I returned my room had been nicely vacuumed.  I love robots.  🙂

Now, i need help naming him though.  I’m terrible with names.

So, post your ideas as comments, and I’ll post the winner here.  This is what he looks like:

Roomba Sage

Technology… Can’t live with it… Can’t live without it…

Palley arrived home from work, rolled into her wheelchair lift, and hit the button, it started up.. made a strange noise.. then POP! and sparks shot out of the motor… The earliest the repair guy can get in is Monday.

On a happier note, to cheer her up I showed off the roomba in her bedroom. She fell in love, especially when she found out it can get under the bed and into other places. “Can we get another one so I can have one down here too???” WOW! I was shocked. Then, to make things even scarier… “How’s it work on the hardwood and linoleum?” So I explained it would do fine for picking up the dust, just not mopping. “Aww to bad it can’t do that too…” 🙂 Wow, just like she was scripted or something. “Well, you know, they actually make one for that.” “What??!?!? Really!!!!” So I explained how it works, and her eye got big and lit up like a kid at christmas. “OH! YOU HAVE TO GET ONE OF THOSE TOO!!!!”

Whoever this strange being is that has replaced my mother… I like her!!!

My life with a robot – Day 1

There is a new member of the Wohlers family. Last week I managed to catch a Roomba on woot for a really good price.  I haven’t told Palley yet, because I was going to be selfish and keep it to myself in my room. She tends to be skeptic of gadgets, and I didn’t want to hear about the “waste of money”.   But, since my room is in a shambles and I really wanted to let it run, I decided today while Palley was gone to play a bit.   I  brought the newly charged Roomba downstairs and first let it go in the living room.

Read on for my adventures with the roomba!

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