Software fun

We had an update to our library system again today. This one was on the test server. Once again the vendor insisted we don’t have a test system. I spent another five minutes of my life arguing with them to convince them that we did indeed have the system that they installed incomplete six months prior. This is at least the fourth time I’ve had to argue this point with them. Yet again today it is supposedly now entered in their inventory system. We will see what happens next time I have a problem.
The upgrade itself went fine, however as expected, it wouldn’t run because the system was never fully setup initially. After a few hours of work the upgrade tech did manage to get it working though. I took the opportunity to ask what she did and replicated it on our production system so it now works correctly too.


The suitcase is packed… mostly…

Tonight I think I may have managed to pack 3 personalities into one suitcase. It wasn’t an easy task believe me. “Why are you packing?”, you may ask. You may even ask, “Where are you going?” Well, its that time of year again when I get to travel for work to the location of the yearly conference for our user group for our Library Automation Software vendor. This year I struck gold with the trip though. It just so happens that the conference is nestled all nicely in the middle of the week that falls between Opening and second weekend of the Scarborough Renaissance Faire in Waxahachie, TX. Waxahachie is 30 minutes south of Dallas and the conference is, yep, you guessed it, in Dallas!
So, this year I get to attend both the conference and the faire. Work agreed to fly me down early and back late, (same price just different days than I normally would have) allowing me to attend the faire on the weekends. Work will pay for my hotel while I’m at the conference, and thanks to a VERY generous friend and his wife, I have a place to crash when not at the hotel.
WOOT! So, look out Scarborough here I come!

For those keeping score, the three personalities include:

  1. Work John
  2. John T. Hawser
  3. Relaxing John

Oh, also, while packing I found a pocket in the suitcase that I had apparently missed when unpacking from the Germany trip, and I found the gift I bought for my mother that I was sure I had lost! She was very pleased.

Foxmarks in the Library

Recently I was asked by one of our librarians to come up with a way to easily add bookmarks to our Internet workstations.   A little background on this situation follows.  Our Internet workstations are all Linux based, with a custom version of FireFox.  This custom version of FireFox has a lot of things disabled to keep the browser in a stable stat.   I have removed the ability to modify the bookmarks on the workstation in any way. The event code for drag and drop, the menu items, you name it, its gone.   This has made it impossible for the librarians to manage the bookmarks on the workstations themselves.   Any bookmark changes have required me to connect to the machines via SSH and manually update the bookmarks.html file.    This method was just not convenient, and did not allow for easy updates by any means.

Earlier this week, thanks to the offloading of some tasks to our new employee, I was able to put some thought into this problem.   I needed a solution that was easy to maintain, simple for the librarians to use, and most of all, easy to implement.   That last criteria ruled out creating something from scratch, which I really didn’t want to do anyway.   Earlier in the week a co-worker had mentioned how he had just setup foxmarks on his machine and how it was going to sync his bookmarks both at home and work.   It hit me then, why not take a look at foxmarks.  I downloaded and installed it in my browser, and it did exactly as it was designed to.    I realized then that it was a purely native chrome based app.   This fact about its design made it a perfect candidate for what I needed.

I set to creating a generic account for the library, a simple task thanks to the easy to use interface.  Once that was done, I installed foxmarks into the browser on one of the Internet stations.  Due to the customizations, this was not as easy as it normally would be. ( I have all installation menus, and handlers disabled.  Ooops…) I finally worked out a way to install the extension, and once I did I set it to use the newly created account, and checked the box to save the sync password.   Foxmarks  performed its initial sync, and I was able to confirm the success by browsing the foxmarks website.   I then closed the browser, clicked yes on the dialog to clear all stored personal information and felt confident I had a good start.   I re launched the browser, hit sync, and foxmarks asked me for the password for the sync account.  What? I was certain I checked to save the password.  I checked it again, and restated the browser, again clearing the personal information.  Sure enough, foxmarks asked for the sync password again.   It then occured to me that clearing the personal information was probably clearing the foxmarks password.   That would be a problem for sure.  Confident that the password hurdle could be overcome, I set about to modifying the chrome files, and was able to hid the configuration menu items, and remove the keystroke sequence for accessing the configuration menu.

    <menupopup id="menu_ToolsPopup">
        <menu id="foxmarks-menuitem" label="Foxmarks" class="menu-iconic"
            insertafter="devToolsSeparator" hidden="true">

After the UI modifications were complete I  again launched the browser, and checked over the browser to make sure nothing was visible that could allow malicious patrons to manipulate the setup.    Everything I could think of was tested and it passed with flying colors.  I then added a bookmark via the website, and triggered the sync process.   After entering the password, foxmarks synced and the new item appeared.  Again, I still had to fix the password problem.   I  closed the browser again, this time un-checking the options to clear the password store.  After re-launching foxmarks synced perfectly, remembering its password.  This then confirmed for me that foxmarks was indeed using the firefox password store.  It makes perfect sense that it would, but of course in this situation, it’s very inconvenient.    I again dove into the code that comprises foxmarks.  I found, in the foxmarks-settings.js file two functions that handled the username and password.    As I suspected they ultimately called “return” with the value for the username and password.   A simple one line change to each of these functions resulted in a hard coded username and password that would stay put after a clearing of the password store.  By placing a return() just inside the function declaration we essentially bypass the default actions of  the functions.

 get username() {
	return "our_foxmarks_user_account";
        return this.getCharPref("username", "");

 get passwordNoPrompt() {
        return "our_foxmarks_account_password";
        if (!this.rememberPassword && this.sessionPassword) {

After saving the modified file, I started up firefox and hit the sync keystroke, presto, no request for password or user name, and the browser synced.  I restarted again, making sure to clear the password cache, and again foxmarks worked perfectly.   At this point I deployed the modified version of foxmarks to all of our workstations, and sat back and watched the fun.   Within a short period of time, every workstation had correctly synced its bookmarks and all was well.

Finally I  sat down with the librarians and explained how to work with foxmarks’ website interface.  By the end of the first evening after foxmarks was installed we had a healthy collection of frequently used websites all bookmarked, and categorized.   The sync process has been working well and we have had no real problems.  (there was one point where I had accidentally left one of the browsers restored to its default state and some things were modified, but I caught it quickly and fixed the problem.

This alone would have been a fantastic solution, but not being one to rest on my laurels, today I used foxmarks ability to create RSS feeds from links in folders, and used that data to allow the library to randomly select a link and twitter it.  Yup, more fun with twitter.

Auto Twitter

I signed up for a twitter account this morning.  Looked over the API, and by 9:30 had integrated parts of it into the library website.  Staff with twitter accounts now display their current “tweet”  on the library website.  Not one to be satisfied with that…  I created a new program for use in our library system that now automatically “tweets” every time someone checks out a book from the new book display.

Follow the Todd Library at:

Geeky pirate

So what with this bein’ Talk Like A Pirate Day and all I discovered Facebook added “English (pirate)” as an option ya can be choosin’ fer language. Bloody thing don’t translate everythin though… So our library FB app was still landlubber speak. I have now added internationalization support and added pirate as a supported language so now iffn ye be addin’ our app and yer a good pirate you’ll get a piratical version of the app.

Leavin on a jet plane…

My bags are packed, I’m ready to go… wow, funny the song actually fits. I am packed (mostly, I do have to toss in the razor after I use it in the morning) and as ready as I will ever be to attend the SirsiDynix SuperConference in Detroit. While there I will be giving not one, but two presentations at the conference. I’m slightly nervous about that, but I think I’ll do fine. Hell if I can walk up to complete strangers while wearing funny clothes, and have a conversation with them about things they don’t know anything about I can certainly give a presentation to complete strangers about things they no little to nothing about while wearing funny clothes… Wierd how the same description fits both my Garb and a Suit isn’t it? 🙂 If I survive the experience I’ll fill you all in on the experience. Oh, don’t expect a lot of nice pictures like I had last year… I will be staying in a mega multi-story hotel, and the entire conference takes place in it. Photos may include such sites as… Hallways… Hotel rooms… and my obligatory self portrait in a hotel hallway mirror…
Thanks to for the pub suggestion, I have already made plans to visit it tomorrow and possibly Saturday nights for their live Irish music. Oh and just to let you all know, NO I did NOT have tickets on ATA. 🙂

Next year’s conference is in Dallas TX, during the Scarby run… MUAHAHAHAH… I am thinking I will have to arrange it so that I can get a few days in at the faire too.. 🙂

The humor of a dictionary…

I was looking over some server logs, when I noticed a search that had been performed in our catalog that set me to laughing. No granted I realize I have no place to criticize ANYONE for spelling errors, but cut me some slack here, as I found this search quite funny…

Results: 0
Results: 0

At this point the user must have noticed the catalog tried to fix the spelling for them because the next search did have the word DICTIONARY spelled correctly. Again, I’m the last person who should point out spelling errors, but damn is that funny!

Dial 0 for “DUH”

Ok, this just happened to me… Holy recursive loop batman…

I dial a support number, the auto attendant answers, “Thank you for calling ____ our hours of operation are ___, please dial your party’s extension, or wait on the line for support”
I wait
The phone rings…
The phone rings…
The auto attendant picks up “Extension ….0…. is invalid, please press 0 to speak to an operator.”
ok… I’ll bite… I press 0
The phone rings…
The phone rings…
The auto attendant picks up “Extension ….0…. is invalid, please press 0 to speak to an operator.”

I’m not falling for that one again…

Here we come a copying among the…

At 7:49 pm the copier let me know the “copy bandit” was at it again. Today before leaving I setup a program to poll the page count hourly. I now know how many copies this person is making in addition to when they are making them.

I contacted the cadets who actually seemed excited to go catch the person… I feel like an ass in some regards… I mean it is Christmas time, I really don’t want anyone to loose their job or anything over the holidays. Thing is, I don’t want to come back to work and have a broken copier either…