Halloween Projects

Halloween is one of, if not my favorite Holiday. I’ve been putting on a haunt at the house since I was in Jr. High. I’ve always combined my love for Halloween with my love for gadgets as well. Early on I had rigged up flying ghosts, and heads that could turn and look at the guests using all sorts of methods. Things as simple as an old lazy-susan, to elaborate pulley systems. Until the internet came around I assumed I was one of the only people that did this sort of thing. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Once I gained internet access a whole world of new ideas open up to me. I found plans for all sorts of new props. Over the years I’ve built a great many of them and my guests love them all. It occurred to me as I prepared for Halloween 2008 that I’ve never really given back to the community. It is now my intent to add pages here that detail some of my more recent props.


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