John T. Hawser – Pirate

John T. Hauser - Pirate  (Boatswain of the Sarafina)

  • Jaunty – Having a buoyant or self-confident air; Genteel.
  • Hawser (haw·ser) – a large line used to tie the vessel to the dock

The character “John T. Hawser” is a pirate character developed originally for use at the Port Washington Pirate Festival. He has now become pretty much my regular persona at most renaissance faires, and festivals. He is currently employed as Boatswain of the ship Sarafina, currently making its home port New Providence. He has a love for sea shanties, and has been known to fraternize with giants.

John T. Hawser was born the second son to a merchant family in Cornwall England. One day the news came that the ship carrying his elder brother home was sacked by pirates and all hands were presumed lost. Hawser swore revenge and signed upon the first ship that would take him only to discover he rather enjoyed the life of a pirate. While still searching for word of his brother he sails the sea enjoying the strange adventure the fates have dealt him.
Mr. Hawser also has an alter ego around the winter holidays, Shanty Clause. (“After all.. someones got ta be deliverin’ the preasents ta the good pirates… and by good I mean those that be pillaging and plundering properly…”)

John T. Hawser Spottings
Photo by: Chris Muetz

Mr. Hawser is also a part of the cooking show “Cutlass Cooking’s Pantry Parley“, a part of the 2009 Kids Kingdom stage lineup at the Bristol Renaissance Faire in Kenosha Wisconsin as well as the 2009 Stronghold Olde English Faire.


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