Ambletown (Home Dearie Home)

O Amble is a fine town with ships about the bay
It’s fain and very fain to be there myself today
I’m wishing in my heart I was far away from here
Sitting in my parlor and talking with my dear

And it’s home, dearie, home, it’s home I want to be
My topsails are hoisted and I am out to sea
The oak and the ash and the bonnie birchen tree
Are all a-growing green in the North country
And it’s home, dearie, home

A letter came today, but somehow I cannot speak
Those proud and happy tears are a-rolling down my checks
There’s someone here, she says, you’ve been waiting for to see
With your merry hazel eyes, looking up from off my knee

Well the letter never said if I had a boy or a girl
Got me so confused that my heart is in a whirl
So I’ll hasten back to port, where I’ll quickly turn around
And board the fastest ship, back to Ambletown is bound

Well, if it is a girl, she shall wear a golden ring
And If it is a boy, he will live to serve the King
With his buckles on his boots and his little jacket blue
He’ll walk the quarterdeck, like his daddy used to do


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