Installing VMware Player 2.5.1 in Ubuntu 8 via rpm

I have been running VMware player 2.0.4 since August to launch a windows XP Virtual Machine.  I don’t really use the VM all that often, but when I am doing web development, I need to be able to test in IE, and thats the only way I can do it w/o rebooting to Vista *shudder*.     Towards the end of September it started telling me there was an upgrade available.  I went to the VMware website only to discover they had stopped providing the .tar.gz version of VMware player.  My only options were .bundle or .rpm.    Not really feeling like I wanted to be all that adventurous I ignored the upgrade requests.    Finally after installing the latest kernel patches last night I decided to go ahead and upgrade VMware Player as well since I would have to re-compile the kernel modules again anyway for the new linux kernel.  Having never tried to install and RPM on Ubuntu I was at a loss.

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