Ok, so it turns out there was no permanent physical damage to the keyboard. On closer inspection the dead bug had just shorted out a few circuit traces. I took a pencil eraser to the traces, and cleaned them up. I then re-assembled the keyboard, and it is as good as new.

🙂 Geek 🙂


A computer bug, no really, literally…

Today I had to replace a dead keyboard at work. Now this particular brand of keyboard has always been rock solid, and i have never had any trouble with them. I was curious, so I took the keyboard apart to see if the person had spilled something in the keyboard causing it to die. I turns out, I had a literal computer bug… (check the etymology, not to be confused with entomology) Apparently some little insect decided the keyboard was a nice place to live, and had burrowed into the contact trace that connects the membrane that makes up the key switches, to the controller board. Thus killing the keyboard.
I’m slightly impressed to tell the truth…